What Does Fear Tell You?

Whether it’s body image, relational, emotional, or mental, we all deal with our own insecurities and fears in this life. If we let them, those insecurities can inhibit us from reaching goals or digging deeper in relationships.

Fear likes to talk crazy to us. Fear says all sorts of ridiculous things like:

You’re not good enough   

You’re not thin enough

You’re not young or old enough

You’re not attractive enough

You’re not talented enough

You don’t have enough experience

You don’t know enough of the right people

You’re not disciplined enough

You don’t have enough faith

You’re not important enough

You’re not smart enough

You’re not respected enough

Fear likes to tell us we are simply not enough.

I hear it all the time. From the day-to-day task to the new adventure I embark on. In order to bring about an open, healthy discussion about this, I’ll share with you the insecurity I struggle with the most. I’m insecure in my relationships with people. I am terrified that the people I love will think that I’m not enough of one thing or the other and will book it out of my life. Now, I’m not saying that to garner pity. Like I said, I’m trying to help us all be open about what fear says to us. Why? Because I believe that if we can identify our fears and why we experience fear in particular areas then we can fight them when they come. You can’t fight an enemy if you don’t know who they are or where they’re coming from.

Out of all the gifts we’re given as Christian believers, fear isn’t one of them.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

 Fear is straight up of the devil. It’s a tactic used by the enemy of our souls bent on our destruction.. or at least our distraction.

You wanna know what I like to tell fear?

Shut up.

We have too much to do and we don’t have time to let fear take the reins.

 So the next time fear comes waltzing into your heart and mind threatening to imprison you, tell it to shut up because you’re too busy to be held back from God’s purposes for your life.