Why You Should Join the 5Club

Unless you’re familiar with the Start Experiment or the author/blogger/speaker Jon Acuff, you probably have no idea what the 5Club is all about. Well, I’m going to tell you what it’s all about and why you should hop on this crazy, dream-making train.

Before I begin though, I should put a disclaimer out there. If you are not interested in changing your life and making your dreams a reality or if you are satisfied with being average and have no desire to be awesome, you should stop reading now.

However, if you ARE ready for change and you ARE ready to start working towards your goals, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk. (Because I joined the 5Club today I’ve already had 5 cups of coffee and I’m choosing to refrain from a potential caffeine overdose. I digress.)

The 5Club is all about dedicating time out of your day to work on your dreams and goals. We call it the 5Club because we start at 5am. That’s right, FIVE IN THE MORNING. Why 5am? Because not much else is happening at 5am. Most of the population is either asleep or swimming in their morning cup of Joe so they won’t bother you. If you have people in your household, they probably won’t need anything from you that early, Lord willing. There’s nothing good on TV. And it’s quiet, except for the birds which my cat will surely kill at some point.

I joined the 5Club this morning and it was awesome. Hopefully, you’re not thinking crazy thoughts such as, “She must be a morning person.” In case you are dear friend, let me tell you, I have not been nor will I ever be a morning person. That’s just the cold hard truth. What I am though is a person with dreams who wants to see those dreams become reality. In order for those dreams to become reality, it is necessary to devote time to making it happen.

The percentage of people who are lucky enough to have their dreams fall into place with little or no effort is very, very slim. The rest of us have to work and we have to work hard. We have to carve out time in our day to work on our dreams while also making sure that we are giving our full attention to our other responsibilities at the appropriate times. It takes sacrifice. It takes bravado. And it takes a lot coffee (for me anyway).

I don’t know what you want to accomplish in this life but I know that whatever it is won’t get done unless you devote some time to making it happen.

Is your goal to lose weight? You have to make time to eat right and exercise. Is your goal to become closer to your family? You have to make the time to spend with them. Is your dream to write a book or a worship album or a blog? You have to make time to churn out content. You have to make the time to work on your dream.

The 5Club isn’t just about making time, it’s also about being consistent. You’re not always going to want to dedicate time to your dream. You’re not always going to feel like it either. Regardless, you must fight for your dream.

This morning I fought for my dreams in prayer. I began a personal 30-Day prayer challenge and “praised through” as Mark Batterson would say. What I want to accomplish cannot be done without God’s grace, guidance, or provision so I made sure to invite Him on this journey. If you’re a Christian, I would encourage you to do the same.

If you want to join the 5Club but can’t do 5am, no worries. You pick the best time that works for you. Make a 6Club or an 11Club, whatever it takes, just do it and be dedicated.

Good luck, friend. I’m pulling for you.

Many thanks goes to Jon Acuff for creating the Start Community and giving us a wealth of inspiration and knowledge. Many thanks goes to the Start Community for being unwavering in your support.

You can learn more about why the 5Club was created here:


The Start Experiment is a community of people who decided to come together and collectively punch fear in the face. We are working every day to fulfill our dreams and passions and we’re doing it together. We’ve turned the switch from average to awesome. Will you?