Life Goes On

Isn’t it funny how time never stops?

Isn’t it strange that this life keeps pushing forward in pursuit of the new and wondrous?

In the middle of grief, this is overwhelming. In the middle of the darkness, this seems like a curse. When you’ve been sidelined by life’s tragedies, you expect that everything should stop and wait for you. Alas, it never does.

In the midst of the greatest pain & confusion I have ever known, I thought that the world would wait for me. Inwardly, I would scream to the universe, “Don’t you see? Don’t you understand what has happened? I can’t possibly move on from here!” But life continued on regardless of the fact that I wasn’t ready to join it on its journey.

It seemed like a cruel joke to me that I had to continue on despite the despair I felt. I still had to get up in the morning and go to work. I still had to eat and remain healthy. I still had to see people. I still had responsibilities.

I still had to live.

I didn’t understand at the time that this is a gift. Life continuing on without regard to loss, heartache, or failure is a blessed event. It’s as if God orchestrated life to continue on for the sole purpose of encouraging us to go on. It’s as if God is saying, “Yes, my love, I know that you are broken. I know that you feel ruined. I know that moving forward seems impossible if not sacrilegious. I know all of what you feel. But I also know that there is healing ahead. I know that this life, it can be good again.”


Life continues on like the ocean waters that never touch the same shore twice. Although there are shipwrecks and hurricanes, the waters are undeterred by setbacks. It flows about its business because that is its job.

It is the same with life. It continues on because that is its job. Because one day, we’ll wake up and thank God that life continued on. We will thank God that He did not leave us where we wanted to lay down and die.

One day you’ll realize that life can be beautiful again.

One day you’ll realize how far you’ve come without even knowing that you had moved forward.

One day you’ll be at peace with where you’ve been and excited to see where you’ll go.

God knows this. So life goes on…