25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years – Part I


I’m 5 months away from my 26th birthday and life has taught me a lot. So, in honor of the glorious life I have lived thus far, I give you 25 important things I’ve learned in my 25 years.

1.) Some lessons are hard to learn. Some lessons will be hardwired into your brain by a loving adult who doesn’t want to see you make the same mistakes they did. And some lessons will be burned into your heart by poor choices and difficult seasons. Learn these lessons. Grow from them and share them with others.

2.) Be Grateful. Too often we’re consumed by the desire for more. Be grateful for what you have been granted already, the big as well the small. Be grateful for your one and only special life.

3.) Be Gracious. Hopefully, this doesn’t come as a surprise to you… people are not perfect. We never have been nor will we ever be. Show grace to the deserving and undeserving. It will stretch you and humble you. I guarantee you that you will be in desperate need of it many times in your life. So give what you would like to receive.

4.) Find the wonder in the ordinary. Find beauty in everything you see. Look upon things as if they were created solely for the express purpose of the Creator being able to see wonder sparkle in your eyes. That is joy.

5.) Forgive others. This will be as much a gift to yourself as it is those you forgive. I wrote about the greatest lesson I’ve ever received on forgiveness here.

6.) Forgive yourself. Oh, how important this particular one has been to heal my heart. We’ve all made mistakes that came with disastrous consequences. Some of us are even still paying for those mistakes. Trust me when I say, you are doing no one any favors by imprisoning yourself with self-hatred because of poor choices you’ve made. What’s done is done. Set yourself free, child. Besides, if God has forgiven you of your sin, who are you to not forgive yourself?

7.) Don’t complain so much. It’s exhausting to find a problem with everything and it’s exhausting to listen to it. Nothing can be perfect in a broken world. And that’s exactly what we live in.

8.) Let life be one big adventure. Try new things. Visit new places. Meet new people. There is a big world out there just waiting to be explored.

9.) Conquer your fears. At least once in your life, do something that makes your heart race and your mind swirl with all of the dastardly possibilities. A vital part of living is found in doing things that scare the daylights out of you. There are few things as exhilarating as conquering your fears.

10.) Discover what takes you to your happy place. Sunshine, sweet tea, cheese, bacon, coffee, friends… all these things get me well on my way to happy.

11.) Don’t be afraid to ask “Why?”. Respect the information given to you and promptly do your own research. Never let anyone think for you. There’s no such thing as a community brain. God gave you your very own special brain so that you can think for yourself.

Come back next week for the conclusion of this series!

I was inspired to write this by my dear friend Ronne who made her own list here.