25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years – Part II

Last week I began this series on 25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 years. I’ve learned so much more than what can be written here but this completes the list of some favorites.


12.) Believe in community. We were not created to do this whole life thing on our own. Find a community that you can contribute to and receive from. Things in life will knock you down and you’ll need someone to pick you back up again.

13.) Embrace who you are. There is only one beautiful you. Whoever God created you to be, we need that. We have one of everyone else but we don’t have one just like you.


I’ve learned to embrace the crazy, goofy, silly, weird person that I am long ago. Life’s more fun that way.

14.) Sunscreen. Use it. You only get to live in this one skin so take care of it. Really this one could be about taking care of yourself as a whole. Exercise, eat right, laugh, cry, get therapy, take your vitamins. Do what you gotta do to take care of you.

15.) Get plenty of rest. This one deserves it’s own point. I need 8 hours of sleep in order to be 100% in my work & my personal life. Don’t neglect this. It will affect everything you do and can be a contributing factor in bad health.

16.) Be generous. With your time. With your money. With your resources. With your love. You have been blessed so that you can be a blessing to others.

17.) Be bold. Take risks. Be adventurous. Face your fears. Do things that no on expects you to do. Live every moment as if it could be your last. Have no regrets.

18.) It is what it is. This is one my favorite sayings that used to tick me off so bad. I hated that some things are what they are because people refuse to change or certain circumstances will never change. Unfortunately, that’s how this life works sometimes. However, accepting that some things are what they are is like loosing your grip and resting in the fact that you are not in control of it all. That is peace, my friends.

19.) Never give up on people. That’s not to say you cannot create boundaries for those that hurt you. Just don’t give up on people. If I had been given up on, I wouldn’t be here today. And I know countless others who could say the same.

20.) Love people like crazy. You would be surprised to know how much of a need there is for people who are willing to become vulnerable & love others unconditionally. Love is vulnerability. You cannot have one without the other. People desperately need to be loved no matter what. They need hearts that are safe havens for them to come and rest and see who they really are. 

21.) Constantly move forward. Never stop moving. Being in a stationary state of mind breeds complacency. You don’t want to get rusty, do you?

22.) Stop and smell the roses. This point might seem contradictory to the last one but I want you to hear me out. Yes, I want you to always be looking and moving forward. However, I don’t want you to move so fast that you miss the beauty in the here & now. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

23.) See everything in color. Depending on your personality, you may see things in black & white. Certain events, people or things are either one thing or the other, there’s no in-between. May I suggest that there is actually an in-between to most everything in this world? We are all so complex and we live in a complex world. There is so much that goes into making us who we are that’s it’s nearly impossible to fit everything into neat, tidy boxes. If you feel tempted to look at things in black & white, take a minute to explore all the colorful possibilities.

24.) Be fearless. Don’t let any fear stand in your way of doing anything. Be brave.

25.) Be-YOU-tiful. Don’t let anything that has been said or done to you determine your self-worth. Not even what you’ve done to yourself. See yourself through God’s eyes. I’m banking on the fact that He thinks you’re pretty rad.

What would you add to the list?