The Grace Artist

My resume is filled with all the things I can do to earn money for work. And it means nothing to me because it says nothing of my character (which is far more important to me than my skill set). If I had it my way, I would give a resume that listed my attributes and what I hope to be. If my LinkedIn profile could reflect my skills as a friend or a sister, the one thing I would want to be able to say above all else is that I am proficient in grace.

 Grace is not just what you say at the beginning of a meal or a name to give a beautiful child. Grace is an everyday acting out of God’s love for us to those who need it (i.e. everyone). Grace is an art form that has been lost in the midst of a convenience-ridden, fast-paced world.

 Grace is as refreshing to the burdened soul as the scent of honeysuckle and wisteria wafting through the spring air. It is as soothing as Ella Fitzgerald singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”. Grace is like coming home from a long day to the smell of bread baking that is to be served with your favorite meal. It is that first sip of coffee on a Monday morning.


Grace is the sun breaking free of the horizon early in the morning in order to light our world. Grace is beautiful, undeserved redemption. Grace is the opening of one’s heart to one who is lost and needs to be found. Grace is a manifestation of hope that burns bright into the darkness.

 When I mess up, I know I’ve done wrong. I don’t need reminders that I did the wrong thing because I’m going to beat myself up for that one indiscretion for years to come. I need grace. I need someone’s love to wash over me and bathe my soul in mercy. And because I need it so desperately I want to give it freely.

I want to hand paint the hearts that I encounter with a love so strong and gentle that it will never be the same. I want to sing a song of mercy and write healing into the stories that need it. I want to be a safe place for people because I give grace not strife.

Will you do the same?

Let’s be masters of this craft called grace. Let’s be grace artists.