Lessons From Home Part IV

Every time I travel back home to the Delta, I am flooded with memories and lessons I learned from them. Today we will begin a series of some my favorite memories and life lessons and I would love to have you as a travel companion.



Do you have a place that reminds you of everything you are and everything you want to be?

No matter how much time lapses between visits, the effect is always the same. Dirt roads, clean air, a night sky that shows a million stars, all of these are the centripetal force that brings me back to the center of who I am.

This place, the Delta, is likely not much by the world’s standards but it’s where I’m from. It is the community that always seems to transport me to a place where I learn more about life and myself.

If my grandparents massive garden was still in existence, then I would walk you down the rows upon rows of vegetables. I would tell you of the time that I plopped down in the middle of that garden and ate green beans until I was so full that I couldn’t eat dinner. There was a storm rolling in from the west and I could feel the electricity in the air but the only thing I cared about were those beans. I always want to have that love for nature and the adventure it brings.

I would walk you through the orchard and tell you stories of hide and seek and other joyful children’s games. We would eventually make our way to the strawberry patch and I would tell you of the time that I took my Walkman out there and danced to Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart” for an hour. I always want to have that freedom. I always want to have a dancing spirit that cannot contain itself and must make my body move along with its currents of joy.

I wish you could be there when the sun sets over the bayou, allowing the stars to illuminate the sky for a while. It’s so dark and flat out there that you can see the ambient light from the neighboring towns that are ten miles away in opposing directions. The very experience of standing under the Delta night sky draws me closer to God, the one who created everything. I always want to be amazed by Him.

If you could give me a tour of the place that brings you back to the center of who you are, where would we go?


Make sure you come back next week for the next installment of Lessons from Home.

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