A New Kind of People of Wal-Mart


A trip to Walmart tonight brought more than I bargained for since my plans entailed buying more yoga pants. I was wandering through the aisles when I came upon a crowd of onlookers surrounding people hunched on the floor. Those people were store associates, a weeping young woman, caring paramedics and an unresponsive child. My heart dropped and echoed the concerns of those standing by. I quietly asked what happened and was told it was a seizure. His first. I moved on since my gawking presence wouldn’t help but I stayed near with this image seared into my brain.

The store associate sat on her knees, grabbed the woman who was sure to be this child’s mother and said, “Look at me momma. Look at me. Your baby is gonna be alright.” And I wanted to weep. A precious child and a terrified mother in the midst of crisis were graced and covered by this associate’s strength.

God bless the people who reach us in the midst of our crisis and say, “Look at me. Look at me. Everything’s gonna be alright.”

Like everyone else, I’m no stranger to crises of circumstance or faith. And every time there was a sweet soul to grab me out of the abyss of panic and refocused my attention to hope.

God bless the people who brought me back to hope.

Never miss the opportunity to be a lifeline to someone in crisis. There is always hope and there are always people who need to be brought back to faith.

I later heard the child cry.

Like a newborn baby.

Panicked. Victorious.

It said, “I am here. I made it. I am alive.”