A Disciplined Dependence

By nature, I am not a disciplined person. I’m a free-spirited lady with a fierce independence. Now, there’s nothing wrong with how God made me. The problem is when I allow that independence… Continue reading

Mawwiage & Twue Wove

“Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew today. Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam. And wove, twue wove, wiww fowwow you fowevah and evah… So tweasuwe youw wove.” The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies and it is where… Continue reading

Beauty Is…

I don’t know about y’all but I am so excited that spring has finally arrived in Tennessee! I feel long overdue for sunny, breezy days and rolling down the windows in my car… Continue reading

Rainy Days and Dry Seasons

As I sit here writing to you, I’m listening to the rain fall where it pleases. We’ve had several rainy days in a row and I’ve loved every single one of them. Sounds… Continue reading

Walking with God

Are you familiar with that story about walking with Jesus and the set of footprints? I began to imagine what that would look like or even feel like…  The smell of the salt… Continue reading

Adoption Into the Family of God

We’ve been going through a series at my church entitled “Born Again.” The following scriptures are from the first sermon and they have been swimming around in my heart and mind for several… Continue reading

Mountains & Valleys

I am reading today through my Chronological Bible (trying to catch up to be perfectly honest) in 1 Kings and I came across this gem: In 1 Kings chapter 20 we find King… Continue reading

Invitations, Questions, Decisions…

Lately, in the Christian world there has been a debate going on about asking God into your heart and if this special prayer is appropriate or superstitious. I have read and heard several… Continue reading

Can I Get A Witness?

The subject of sharing your testimony has been on my mind a lot lately. It’s easy to give someone an encouraging word and tell them that everything will be okay or that everything… Continue reading